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The Modern USB Turntable

Author: admin  //  Category: Turntables

Digital music was introduced along with the rise of modern technology. But the lovers of old music frown at these modern inventions for they get to miss hearing the songs they used to love.

Transferring of your LP music to a computer is now possible with the introduction of USB turntables. You just have to plug the turntable through a USB port and use audio software such as Audacity and transfer all your collections. The USB turntable does not need any special drivers or gadgets.

This innovation is a fantastic device to vinyl lovers. It allows the compilations to be transferred to CDs or converted to MP3 for digital playback. Most of the USB turntables are full featured with fast recording capability, anti skip control and noise reduction. The USB turntable can also be plugged into a stereo for direct playback.

Since its introduction, the demand has increased and many DJs and other music enthusiasts have transferred their collection to their hard drives. USB turntables are the best thing that happened to them, and these devices vary in designs and features.

Let us look at the features and functions of some of the popular USB turntables in the market today.

USB Turntable w/ iPod Dock

This turntable allows the transfer of LP records directly to an iPod even without using a computer. This is quite easy with the built-in iPod dock of the unit. Just plug the iPod into its specific slot and play the vinyl of your choice and then press the record button.

Though it is designed for iPod connectivity, it can also be used alternatively with a computer. The Gracenote software is included for creating your own playlist for playback. This can also be hooked up with any sound system and directly play your favorite LP. This device is Plug and Play compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes with complete cables for computer and stereo component connection.

Stanton T90 USB Turntable

The Stanton T90 is one of the most full featured among the turntables in the market. It is most favored by DJs who are searching for the best in quality audio. One of the features of the Stanton T90 is the software included. It is easy to use and can produce the best output quality.

Comparing to its predecessors, this turntable has the most feature which makes it an outstanding product for professional audio system. The T90 model has a well designed selector switch with a start and stop brakes. You can also control the speed of any song without affecting the pitch quality. The back portion consists of an RCA port, SPDIF coaxial port, on/off switch and the USB port for connectivity.

In terms of performance, the T90 turntable outperforms other models. The most significant in its performance is the sound quality it produces. The audio built-in card with the device is capable of recording with 16 bit at a quality of 44 kHz which can be increased to 48 kHz.

Since the Stanton T90 can be used for playback and recording, you can immediately play any of your digitized audio and know the results. A great advantage of this turntable is it can simultaneously mix any audio compilation from your computer and the turntable audio using the same output. This means you can combine analog and digital audio into one.

In terms of its design, this turntable has a sleek design with all its components placed in the most ideal locations. The chassis of the turntable is made up of high quality plastic. This is lighter than other models.