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Music Tips For Parties

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I am going to give you some quick music tips to get the party up and runnin’.

First thing is what is what type of crowd is going to be at your party? What kind of music do you think they like? Ask a few of your friends who are going to the party. There are many different types of crowds that like many different kinds of music. I have been to some parties where no one was feelin’ the music. And they all left. I felt sorry for the host, because you take all this time and effort and the music sucks. You definitely don’t want that. Sounds simple, but people mess it up all the time.

Secondly, what kind of gear are you going to bump your music on? Some of the best parties I have hosted were with DJs. I guarantee you have you said you had someone DJing your party people will come. If you know someone who can DJ that is a plus, but if you don’t then you can find one on Craigslist. There are DJs looking for gigs all the time. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a DJ. Unless it is a huge event or you got the cash anyways. You can find a decent DJ for about $50-$100 dollars depending on how long you want them to spin. Three to four hours usually does the job.

Extra Tip: When hiring a DJ, make sure you know what type of gear they are bringing with them and what type of gear you can supply (cords, speakers, turntables, etc.).

If you can’t afford a DJ and it’s just a regular party than you got other options. I usually throw parties without a DJ so no worries. You can use anything that plays music really (iPod, Laptop, Zune, etc.). One advantage of a laptop over an iPod (unless it is an iTouch) is that you can download songs while the party is going. So if someone requests a song and you don’t have it you can download it. An advantage for an iPod is that it is even more portable. You don’t really have to worry about anyone knocking it over like the laptop. It is pretty durable. So decide on your gear and make a song list. Put them in any order and make sure no other songs that are not on the song list accidentally plays during the night of the party. Random songs that pop up out of nowhere can be very disturbing. It also disrupts the party. Trust me. All By Myself does not sound good when blasted in high volume. Make sure your song list is around 60-80 songs depending on how long you want the party to last. Not all the songs on the list will be played; you might have to change a song, because the crowd isn’t feeling it. Remember cater to the crowd. To make the music flow even better use a program that has a crossfader. Winamp and iTunes both have them. A crossfader helps reduce all those silent parts at the end of songs.

So you got your gear and your music playlist. What you need now are the speakers. Please do not use weak pathetic 10W computer speakers. If you do it is a slap to the face to all the people that go to your party. These songs require heavy bass and good treble to get people on the dance floor. The size of the speakers will be dependent on the size of the room. Club Banger songs has lots of bass, so get speakers that can handle it. I would recommend tower speakers, a subwoofer, and an audio receiver.

Caution tip: The speakers need to be loud enough so every single person at the party can hear it, but not loud enough to attract attention from the outside of your house. If you don’t have neighbors that are cool with you bumpin’ music until the night of dawn they will probably call the cops. If they do, than your party will get busted up for sure. You don’t want that. Test out the speakers before anyone comes to the party so you don’t have to mess with it later.

There you have it some music tips for a party. If you follow these tips you should be on your way on hosting a great party. If the party is successful, then people will want to come back for more. And since I keep you updated with the latest Club Bangers you shouldn’t ever have a problem with the music selection at your parties ever again.

The Top DJ Tips, Tricks and Advice for Club DJing and Making People Dance

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Here’s my multi-steroid booster, magic bullet little blue pill designed to make you perform like the best hot list of 6 key DJ tips:

1. Be the Master of your equipment

Don’t think you’ll somehow get by without enough practice.

You may not want to hear it but you’ll need to know your DJ gear inside out and like a real pro.

Read the manuals, look up the best video tutorials, practices and advice on how to use it and try some little tricks with it yourself in the weeks and days leading up to events.

Develop your own little techniques and wizardry. Take it to the max.

Be the geek who knows all about how to make the most of your gear.

Make sure it’s 100% reliable and carry out all the maintenance checks you’ll need. Take a back up solution if you can.

Back up gear

For example: if you have no back up for your laptop, burn some tunes onto CDs. At least if your laptop crashes you’ll be able to play from them.

Know exactly how everything works. Be relaxed with it. This willl free you to think about other things, such as..

2. Know your music

Knowing exactly what tunes you’ve got in the bag, case or on your hard drive is a huge bonus.

Knowing when to play the right tunes and who to play it to is just as important.

A deejay who cannot perform should either not be playing or has forgotten to check through his or her music recently.

Check my pro DJ tips on knowing all about your music.

3. Watch the crowd

Now, you can master your DJ equipment perfectly well.

You have the best tunes in town.

But if you’re not paying attention to the heart and soul of the party, then none of that matters.

A real pro will be watching the crowd every few seconds.

He or she won’t be just looking up every ten minutes, they’ll be feeling the dancefloor out, connecting with them.

A top deejay won’t be so immersed in their mix that they can’t look up. They are comfortable enough with their mixing techniques that they can afford to check out who’s dancing, who’s going crazy and they’ll see if people start to sidle off the dancefloor.

Reading reactions

You’ll be able to gauge people’s reactions. Maybe they’re happy, drunk, drugged up, boys or girls, black, brown, white.

All of this is important when deciding how to react by choosing your next tune.

It’s the intuitive part of DJing and it’s why some make it and others don’t.

Luckily you can find out much more about DJ Tips to read the club dancefloor.

4. Look great when DJing

Like it or not, how you look is part of your image and impact.

Some people even prefer a good looking guy or girl to someone who puts on the best tunes.

No really, it’s true.

Ask your image conscious friends some tips on how to dress and adapt to the venue you’re playing at.

People will relate better to you if you at least make an effort.

I’m not saying you have to look like Brangelina, but be smart, adapt and make the most of what you have.

When I say adapt, I mean that you’ll need to know about the people who hang out there and they’ll react better to you if they relate to your image.

You’ll go further if you do that.

5. Don’t get distracted from your set

It’s all to easy for the weak willed boys amongst us to get distracted by a hot gorgeous girl coming up to the booth with a flirtatious smile and asking for Lady Gaga right this minute, because it’s her birthday, she says. Be respectful, but remain in charge Be polite, but don’t get distracted. Speaking to her is not more important than getting your mix right. Now, maybe it’s just me but people always seem to ask me for stuff right when I’m lining up a tune and I need to concentrate. I just ignore them until I’m set and satisfied. Then I’ll answer them, quickly. Remember your priorities Don’t let them distract you from your set. Listen, be nice, but they can’t change the course of a night that’s going so well. The priority is your set. You need to remember that before some big breasted dolly puts you off. If you find that you have difficulties with saying no to requests then see exactly how best to handle them with my tips on dealing with booth requests.

6. Play the music they want and not what you want

Now let’s get this straight.

While it’s hard not to think this is all about you, numero uno, number one son of a gun and the king of the booth, it isn’t. I know I just said you shouldn’t get distracted by hotties asking you for music, leave that until the end. One of the best DJ tips is for you to pay attention to the whole crowd, not just one person asking for Lady Gaga. You see, people are there to have a good time and very few of them will actually be looking at and wondering about how cool the deejay actually is. It feels grand to lay down tunes that make people dance from a club booth, but you’re here to make people dance. You’re not playing to jerk yourself off in a booth. The more people that dance, the more successful the night will be and the more chance you have of getting bigger and better paid future gigs. So it’s up to you to adapt to the crowd and not the other way around. The above DJ tips should help you play your set better, get invited back for more gigs and rock the dance floor.